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Leonesa Tours, is a tour agency from León which was founded in 2018 as a result of a job opportunity which I decided to take.

We want to well-know in the tourist industry for making and focusing on guided tours in a very unique way dynamic in our birth city.

At Leonesa Tours we want to convey the great passion and respect which we have for sightseeing tours and responsable tourism, following the official tours guided perfectly accredited and adhering to local legislation.

Leonesa Tours offers the following services in the city as well as around the province:

Guided tours open to the general public offered as a Free Tour (Basic León, Essential León, Cazurra Night Tour, Gastro-Cultural Tours and Theatrical guided tours).

Groups tours (travel agencies, tour operates, large companies, school trips, companies and private public), being able to choose the type of tour, date, number of people, itinerary, duration and language. The tours are given by official tour guides in the following languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian and Japanese.

A coach service or other means of transport in national or international routes.

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María, is the director and founder of Leonesa Tours and the alma mater of this small big company.

He is a Senior Technician in Guide, Information and Tourist Assistance and Official Tourism Guide Enabled with Nº GA-1961

Currently, he works as a local guide in León, conducting guided tours in the city and province, and sometimes as an accompanying guide for the realization of national and international circuits for different tour operators.



Inma, has a degree in Art History, Tourist Information Technician and Official Tourism Guide enabled with number: A-5129

She is from León, but her passion for history and art led her to live in Italy, Germany and England where she worked and continued her training. 

In his work as an official guide, he tries to convey both his knowledge and the love he feels for his city.