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Leonesa Tours offers the following guided tours in the city of León and province. Hopefully you like them!

Get to know León in a different way, you will enjoy León as we do, the cazurros


Enjoy the best tour of the city as we do, "the cazurros". Our local guides will show you the most important monuments of León, they will tell you about their most traditional festivals and customs, they will recommend areas for tapas and go for short / reeds and they will personalize their visits with legends and stories.  

We are proud Leon of our land, will you let us show it to you?


Visit the Pulchra Leonina of León, Spain


Visit with us the Cathedral of Santa Maria, known to the Leon as the Pulchra Leonina. A Temple that began to be built in the 13th century following the Gothic style that came from France brought by the pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago. In 1844 it was declared the First National Monument to be restored and turned it into one of the most beautiful cathedrals of the classic French style worldwide. A very complete guided tour that we will discover in detail, you will not regret it!


A nocturnal route full of mysteries, legends, murders and curiosities of the city of León, Spain ... Do you dare?


Night visit full of mysteries, enigmas, legends and curiosities of the "darkest" Lion. Our local guides will tell you different stories that are in our cultural heritage in a very different way than usual. 

Ghosts, cape and sword casts, events and crimes ... are waiting for you!


Descubra en esta ruta quién fue “el Desmanido”, el lugar de los judíos en el León medieval, a qué se dedicaban y qué diferente fue su vida en León a lo largo de cinco siglos en comparación con otros lugares de España. ¿Dónde quedaron todos esos tesoros que no fueron capaces de llevarse? ¿Quiénes fueron sus amigos y enemigos? León les aguarda para contarles todos sus secretos.


A walk through the Sephardic Lion, steeped in tradition and mysticism. History, characters, customs and legends of a town that for centuries shaped the image of the city as much as the Christians. The Jews may have forced them to leave, but that does not mean they have disappeared ...

We invite you to discover with us the secrets that still remain!


Discover in this private visit, only for your group of friends, family, company, the most monumental Lion accompanied by an official expert tourism guide in the city.


What you have seen on our website does not fit what you need to discover in our city? Do you need to know León and don't want to be part of a large group of people? Are you traveling with your family? With your partner? Do you want to design your visit according to your preferences? Book here directly a private guided tour of León with the best local guides. We are specialists creating unique and personalized experiences.