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Guided tours limit their capacity to 9 people per group, according to current regulations. Book in advance so you don\'t run out of place.

We comply with all the safety and hygiene protocols established by the Ministry of Health. For any questions do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.



A nocturnal route full of mysteries, legends, murders and curiosities of the city of León, Spain ... Do you dare?


Night visit full of mysteries, enigmas, legends and curiosities of the "darkest" Lion. Our local guides will tell you different stories that are in our cultural heritage in a very different way than usual. 

Ghosts, cape and sword casts, events and crimes ... are waiting for you!


Descubra en esta ruta quién fue “el Desmanido”, el lugar de los judíos en el León medieval, a qué se dedicaban y qué diferente fue su vida en León a lo largo de cinco siglos en comparación con otros lugares de España. León les aguarda para contarles todos sus secretos.


A walk through the Sephardic Lion, steeped in tradition and mysticism. History, characters, customs and legends of a town that for centuries shaped the image of the city as much as the Christians. The Jews may have forced them to leave, but that does not mean they have disappeared ...

We invite you to discover with us the secrets that still remain!



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