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Guided visits by Official Leonese Tourist Guides.

We create unique and unrepeatable experiences. Reservations and online payment.

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The Jews may have forced them to leave, but that does not mean they have disappeared ...

Leonese Jewry

A walk through the Sephardic Lion, steeped in tradition and mysticism. History, characters, customs and legends of a town that for centuries shaped the image of the city as much as the Christians. The Jews may have forced them to leave, but that does not mean they have disappeared ...

We invite you to discover with us the secrets that still remain!


Private guided tour that combines the most important tourist resources of the city, such as the Cathedral of León and its old town.

Essential (Cathedral + City)

Do you need to know the Cathedral and the city (old town) and do not want to be part of a large group of people? Are you traveling with your family? With your partner? Do you want to design your visit according to your preferences?

Book here directly a private guided tour that combines the most essential of León, those places that you cannot miss during your stay in our beautiful city. All this, with the best local guides. We are specialists creating unique and personalized experiences.


Guided tour that combines the main tourist resources of the city of Astorga such as the Cathedral, the Episcopal Palace and the historical centre.


Enjoy with us the most complete tour of the city, a combined guided tour of the historic center with the main monuments: Episcopal Palace and Astorga Cathedral.

A beautiful walk of about three hours in which our local guides will make you live a unique and unrepeatable experience, through history, art, traditions and folklore, without forgetting the gastronomy of the Maragata region (cooked, chocolate, shortbread, jerky, etc.) that so many people enjoy every day.

Impossible to resist, come to know Astorga with the best Leonese guides, legends, stories and curiosities, they await you!


A night route full of mysteries, legends, murders and curiosities of the city of León, Spain ... Do you dare?


A city as emblematic as León, hides many enigmas that are hidden between its streets, its stones and the shadows. On this magical route, at night, you will discover the ghosts that roam the Cathedral, the mysteries of some disappeared objects, the secrets that doña Urraca's chalice hides, inexplicable events and crimes of the past. A journey where each corner has a mysterious fact written, a character, as well as many other wonders that our local guide, a great connoisseur of its history, will lead us to discover why León is one of the capitals of enigma and mystery.

Excitement and fun await you.


Guided visit to the Castle of the Templars of Ponferrada. But also its walls keep mysteries of more than 800 years, do you know what the cave of the mora is? And the cross of Tau?

Castle of the Templars

Ponferrada Castle is the most important monument in the city. Founded by the enigmatic Order of the Temple in the 12th century, it was declared a national monument in 1924. With an area of ​​8000m2 it is the largest medieval castle in the Spanish northwest.

The manuscripts that it guards will teach us more about its ancient inhabitants as well as about our medieval past. The rule by which the Templars were governed, documents related to their strange disappearance.

Blessed, bestiaries, embrasures and matacones are waiting for you to discover them, what are you waiting for?


León Romano Tour, a journey through time in which legions and characters such as Publio Carisio and Marco Ulpio Trajano will be the protagonists. Leonese company that performs the best thematic tours of León (Spain).

Roman Leon Tour

Travel back in time and travel with our specialized guide, the Roman past of the city, which owes its beginnings to the old camp of the Legio VI Victrix, back in 10 BC. and that later, Legio VII Gemina, established as permanent until the fall of the Roman Empire. Do you know who Corocota or Pintaius was? How was Ludus Latrunculorum played? What is commemorated in the "Birth of the Eagle"? o Why did they paint the wall? 

All this and much more characters such as Publio Carisio, Marco Ulpio Trajano ... are waiting for you in the best Free Tour of the Roman Lion. Hail Caesar, those who are going to come to you ...


Free Tour Gaudí and the house of the four towers, a very complete visit in which we will discover its history, its rehabilitations and its most relevant curiosities, from the hand of the best local guides from León in the city

Gaudí and the House of the Four Towers

The Casa Botines by Antonio Gaudí is one of the only three works that Gaudí carried out outside of Catalonia, the best known Spanish architect internationally. The other two works are the Capricho de Comillas in Cantabria and the Episcopal Palace of Astorga in León. All three are located on the Camino de Santiago, a World Heritage Site. What makes Gaudí one of the great architectural contributions on the Jacobean Route.

The building was conceived before installing a tenement house (4 floors with two houses per floor on each side, which adds up to 16 houses), on the ground and semi-basement floors, two entrepreneurial merchants from Leon ( Simón Fernández and Mariano Andrés), until then located in one of the old squares of the Barrio Húmedo.

The construction aroused the envy of the architects and people of León of the time, who, without attracting the criticism suffered by the Catalan architect architect in the Astorian palace, could not be abstracted to the existence of a certain controversy "the imminent collapse of the imposing house ", a fact that never happened.



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